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World War II at TCU

The Second World War began in September of 1939 and lasted until August of 1945, with over fifty countries taking part in the conflict. It took place in two theaters of war: Europe and the Pacific. The United States entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. As with World War I, the United States mobilized quickly and enthusiastically to prepare to fight on both European and Pacific fronts.

TCU took part in this mobilization with the creation of several war training programs: War Training Service, Special Flight Instructors Program, Engineer Defense Training, and Navy Officer Training, among others. The university also created special course offerings and graduate paths for those who were enlisted or drafted, as well as enrolling veterans under the GI Bill, even before the war had ended. Over one thousand male students and faculty members from TCU fought in the war. Fifty-nine of them were killed while serving. After the surrender of Germany and Japan, the Second World War ended, and TCU moved past the war, into the post-war world.