Dr. Don Mills

Don Mills

Dr. Don Mills came to Texas in 1968 to attend Brite Divinity School at TCU.  In 1969, he was chosen for an entry level position in Student Affairs at TCU.  He served in Student Affairs until 2011 including serving as Director of the Student Center, Director of Housing, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and 18 years as Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.  Under his leadership, Frog Camp was established, the Campus Commons was developed, housing was renovated, and the office of minority affairs was established.

In 2011 Dr. Mills was appointed to Distinguished Professor of Higher Education in the College of Education.  He created and directed the graduate program in higher education leadership at TCU.  Upon his retirement in 2021, the TCU Board of Trustees honored Dr. Mills as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Emeritus.

Oral History Interview with Dr. Don Mills
Mills, Don
Greensword, Sylviane
Don Mills Interview Transcript

In this interview, Dr. Mills discusses his early life and education in West Virginia and Boston. He discusses how he came to Brite Divinity School and went on to work in student affairs at TCU in 1969. In this role, Dr. Mills observed the racial climate on campus and the obstacles faced by Black students.

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