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Silhouette at bsbl game 04-20-99.JPG
Photograph of SuperFrog in silhouette, up in the stands at an evening baseball game, April 20, 1999

smile in stands.JPG
SuperFrog at a game vs. Manhattan

spotting cheerleaders 10-30-01.JPG
SuperFrog during a football game vs. East Carolina

with showgirl at fb game 12-28-01.JPG
SuperFrog at Astrodome with Showgirl

One-on-one vs. the Penn State mascot - women's basketball game

SuperFrog in the stands at a women's basketball game

On the court during the Penn State women's basketball game

On the court during the Fresno State women's basketball game

playing with sweeping kid 11-14-01.JPG
SuperFrog with child sweeping the floor at a Fresno State women's basketball game

pitching 04-06-00.JPG
SuperFrog throwing out the first pitch
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