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As ventriloquist

Edward Bell Sr - undated - 13.tif.preview.jpg
Portrait for sharp shooting act performed with the Bell Family in South America

Ricardo Bell Jr - undated - 04.tif.preview.jpg
Portrait with violin

Islands of Hawaii - 01.tif.preview.jpg

Ricardo Bell - clown act - c1900 - 22.tif.preview.jpg
Clown act portrait

El Ultimo Sueno film - 01.tif.preview.jpg
Silent movie made by the Bell family in Guadalajara. Left to right: George, Stella, Nelly, Edward, Edward Jr. (child), Richard (black beard and glasses), Albert (white hair and beard) and Celia (maid) Bell

Tribu film - 01.tif.preview.jpg
On back: "Production of 'Tribu' (?) see poster/program, Tribu (film set)"

Ben-Hur - undated - 06.tif.preview.jpg

Portrait postcard

George Bell - undated - 01.tif.preview.jpg
As ventriloquist
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