Fort Worth as Mentor

Downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth in 1910

Temporary Administration Building

The temporary Administration Building on Weatherford and Commerce in downtown Fort Worth; As it is today

1916 Campaign

Fort Worth businessmen campaign to benefit the school

Until the campus was ready, TCU operated from several two-story brick buildings downtown, at Weatherford and Commerce. They housed the classrooms, chapel, offices, print shop, dining room, girls’ rooms, and boys’ rooms. A number of houses nearby served as teachers’ homes and additional dormitories. Three hundred students made the courthouse lawn and downtown Fort Worth their campus.

The city of Fort Worth understood the need for a first-class university and took TCU under its wing, sponsoring and helping the school grow. The university, in turn, saw that the city could provide a place for students to practice their studies: business, healthcare, education, ranch management, etc.

Fort Worth as Mentor