Tom Corbett Space Cadet Adventures: Danger in Deep Space

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Adventures: Danger in Deep Space by Carey Rockwell (1953)

Cherry Ames. Tom Corbett. Melody Lane. Hal Keen. 

These character’s may not immediately insight the memories of many, yet their stories and impact are just as vital as those ubiquitous titles of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. Since the format of the “series book” hit the shelves in the 1900s, the mention of these character’s names evokes discussion from millions that have enjoyed their stories. They have stayed relevant up until today, thrilling generations with their tame, yet thrilling stories of mischief and discovery.

Most well-known titles were created by the Stratemeyer syndicate, like The Bobbsey Twins or the Dana Girls, yet many other serial stories existed and thrived alongside popular works despite their more independent authorship. In some cases, the character’s in these serials were more dynamic, portrayed different walks of life and grew throughout their novels. While these novels may have been overlooked by popular media throughout history, the serials portrayed within this exhibit prove that creativity and good storytelling can rival the might of big publishing and still make their impact on readers throughout time.

In addition to their success, these stories explore more aspects of what it meant to be a young man or woman during the era in which they were published and garner aspects that are applicable to the lives of modern readers. While the novels may seem outdated to some, the values and overarching themes that run throughout the collection are pertinent in any time period.