Mrs. Burnett's Mind Held Sound

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Mrs. Burnett's Mind Held Sound


A newspaper article detailing the hearing to revoke Mary's insanity ruling.
Transcript: Wednesday, July 5, 1922. Mrs. Burnett's Mind Held Sound. Mrs. S. B. Burnett, widow of the pioneer Texas cattleman and capitalist who died last week, was adjudged to be of sound mind in a hearing before County Judge Hugh L. Small, Wednesday afternoon. A number of affidavits from physicians, neighbors and others, were offered as evidence by her attorneys, tending to show she was mentally well-balanced. For the last few years, Mrs. Burnett has been living with relatives in Weatherford. Mrs. Burnett, in a hearing in Fort Worth on May 24, 1911, was adjudged insane, and Captain Burnett named as her guardian. At his death last week, Mrs. Moseley, a sister of Mrs. Burnett, was appointed guardian in place of Mrs. Burnett's husband.
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Fort Worth Star-Telegram


July 5, 1922


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