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“For a dime novel you require only three things—a riotous imagination, a dramatic instinct, and a right hand that never tires.” —Eugene Sawyer, 1902.

Quoted by Gelett Burgess in "The Confessions of a Dime-Novelist," The Bookman: an Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Life. Vol. 15, August 1902. pp. 528-533.

Dime novels, nickel novels, story-papers, pamphlet novels, novelettes, red-backs, yellow-backs, yellow-covered literature, paper-covered literature, railroad literature, broadsheets, libraries of adventure, cheap libraries, working-girl stories, adventure stories, domestic romances, Western tales, pulps, trash…

Whatever their name, these cheap melodramas captivated, and even defined, Americans for decades in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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