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SuperFrog, the TCU mascot

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Internet Superfrog from SKiff
Photo of Superfrog from the Skiff

SuperFrog at a baseball game, 2004-2005
SuperFrog striking a pose at Kid's Day, 2005-04-27

Frog 1948
Photo of Addie, the TCU mascot, in 1948

Frog with football ca. 1938
Drawing of a horned frog wearing a helmet and holding a football.

Real frog 1936
Photograph from 1936 of a man holding a horned frog lizard.

TCU frog ca. 1939
Drawing or a print of a drawing of a horned from with "T. C. U." on it.

1954 Addie with cheerleaders
Photograph of "Addie" mascot with a male and a female cheerleader, 1954

Addie the Fighting Frog mascot
Photo of "Addie," the TCU mascot, standing on a football field, 1966

Addie the Fighting Frog mascot
Addie the Fighting Frog on the football field

Cheerleaders and Addie the Fighting Frog mascot
Row of cheerleaders with Addie, the Fightin' Frog
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